DIY Toothpaste

If you are like me in anyway you HATE to buy toothpaste!
I never want to try a new “Flavor” because who knows if it’s going to have a weird after taste or taste in general, I don’t know how its going to feel on my teeth, etc. Do we really know what harmful things are put in it?!
Not to mention whenever I do find one I like I never remember which one it is when I need to buy it again!

MY Review,
I really like this recipe because;

  • Theirs no yucky after taste,
  • It makes my teeth feel clean and pretty,
  • I know exactly whats in it
  • It’s CRAZY CRAZY cheap!
  • It’s 4 easy ingredients

Tooth Paste Recipe

5Tbsp. Baking Soda
4Tbsp. Coconut Oil
10 drops Essential Oil of your choice
(Optional) A dash or so of Stevia
toothpaste ing

Mix all ingredients and use!

I personally would only change a couple things,
A. The flavor of the EO, maybe mint next time(Lemon is just what I had on hand).
B. I’m going to add some Stevia, (which I did not add my first batch) I just found it a bit salty without, but then again I’m not used to natural toothpastes.

after tooth

Either way this was an overall score and its safe for my whole family.
We will be using this method of tooth paste from now on! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Let me know how it works for you!



I’ve been completely MIA for some time! Sorry! Not sure where I fell, got lost, or disappeared to but I’m for now going to say a black hole?
For an update;
I lost 25 pounds last month! WOAH! I know! It’s called Herbalife its amazing and I love it! Heres my before and now pictures,
Crazy to think that’s after one month right!! Anyways if you want more information about that or my full story please click on this-Herbalife Living it will take you to my facebook page and you can learn more or talk to me about my story, or just hit the like button and follow along with me and others on this journey!

My kiddos have grown a ton!
We went on a ocean adventure to a local place here, anyone ever heard of Brookings Oregon? That’s where we went, it was pretty fun. Braxtons first time back to the ocean since he was just a wee one.
62429_10151716761664694_575779873_n 1013259_10151716761614694_236861793_n
I know they’ve grown a ton!

Bad quality phone picture but I love it! Plus it shows how far I’ve come in my weightloss journey and how big my kids are getting!!

Ready to know whats coming soon as in THIS WEEK?!?!? Two NEW healthy recipes AND AND AND!!!!! DRUMROLL………………………………………
My Daughters new Halloween Costume I will be making!!
Like I said if you can make it don’t buy it! I will give you a hint, it’s DISNEY related!
Have a blessed day everyone!

Upcycled Dog Bed!

Dog Bed 13
This project turned out adorable and I’m completely happy with it!
Basically I used;

Fabric, 5$ for a yard
Suitcase, which I’ve had for a long while just sitting in my garage
White paint which I always have on hand
Feet for the bottom, 6$ for all 4
Stuffing for the pillow, 4$
4 bolts to hold the feet secure 1$
Basic tools; paint brushes, drill, scissors, sewing machine.
So for 16$ I made this dog bed!

Dog Bed 1
This was my starting point!
One of the hinges to shut it was already broken which is why I got it cheap!
I took those off as best I could,

Dog Bed 2
The inside had this yucky green fabric in it, I tore out where the wood part is showing and left the other one because it was going to be covered with a pillow anyways. I left this hanger thing in it because I think its cute and I eventually want to do something for it!

Dog Bed 3
This is where the painting came in, I painted these feet white and that wood part of the suitcase white.
After letting it all dry I attached the feet to the suitcase!

Dog Bed 6
I drilled a hole through the suitcase where I wanted the feet to be, I did this on all four corners.
I also did it from both sides of the hole for a smooth hole that my feet would easily fit.

Dog Bed 7
Then I placed the screw part of my feet through the hole and attached a nut, when it was all the way through I made sure it was nice and tight.

Dog Bed 8

Dog Bed 10

NOW it’s pillow time!!

Dog Bed 4
This is the fabric I went with! I LOVE it!

I had the fabric for the back already it was white and silky on one side.
I cut the fabric an inch bigger around what I planned on the pillow being.
Then I put the pretty fabrics down so they were facing each other!
Dog Bed 5

After I had all sewed except for a few inches, enough to turn right and throw stuffing into it!
Once that was done I rolled the fabric inside and sewed it closed!

Dog Bed 11
Here it is! Perfect and Pretty!

Dog Bed 12 (2)

Dog Bed 13

Later I plan to paint something inside and maybe attach a few things on that hangar to attach toys!
Have a great rest of the day Everyone!

Cowboy’s Taco Supper

Cowboy SUpperThis has been one of our favorite dinners since Tequila Chicken!
I would still make Tequila Chicken over this but this definitely is second best, and I’m not a ground beef person at all!

—— I USED ——

½ lb lean (at least 80%) ground beef
1 package(1 oz) taco seasoning mix, again I have the giant mix so I use the 1 oz and add by taste if need be
Full bag Wagon Wheel Pasta cooked, My store was all out so I got the mix bag
1½ cups frozen corn
1 can (15 oz) kidney beans or pinto beans(I used Pinto), drained, rinsed
1 medium tomato, chopped, I will add about 2 my next batch but I’m a tomato lover myself
½ cup sour cream
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
Fresh chives

—— MAKE IT ——

In large skillet, cook beef over medium-high heat, stir frequently. When brown; drain.
Stir in seasoning mix, water, cooked pasta, corn, beans and tomato into beef. Heat to boiling; stir.
Reduce heat to medium-low. Cover; cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, add water by eye. I like mine a little juicer hence why I added a little more Taco spice.
Stir in sour cream. Remove from heat. Sprinkle with cheese and chives.
Cover; let stand 2 to 3 minutes or until cheese is melted.
We ate left overs with tortilla chips!

Cowboy SUpper 4

Cowboy SUpper

Carrots, Carrots, Carrots!!

Anyone Else love Carrots?!?!?

Carrots Ranch Dip 2 Carrot Chips 1

Here are a couple Healthy and Yummy ways to eat carrots!

Option 1

Carrot Chips 1
150 Calories
These are my FAVORITE way to eat them!

—— I USED ——
3 Carrots
Garlic Salt
Potato peeler
Olive Oil Spray
Baking sheet

—— MAKE IT ——
PRE-HEAT to 350
Slice carrots like you would peel potatoes
Once you have as many carrots sliced as you like, lay them flat on a baking sheet.
Spray them with Olive Oil, any lightly sprinkle on some garlic salt or whatever seasoning you prefer.
Place baking sheet in oven for about 10-12 minutes or until crispy.
As you can see I kind of forgot about my timer and well there a little more than crispy..
Let them cool for a minute or two and enjoy!
My kids APPROVED! They fought for the last chip!

Option 2

Carrots Ranch Dip 2
130 Calories

—— I USED ——
1 cup baby carrots
2 Tablespoons Ranch dip

Ranch Dip:
16oz Fat Free Plain Yogurt
Ranch Seasoning packet
Mix and Serve!

Kids also approved this too! The loved the dip!
I used Plain yogurt because that’s what I had on hand, next time I will try it with greek!


Mermaid Framed Art

Watercolor Mermaid  11

I’m so in LOVE with this! It’s beautiful and amazing!
This projected cost me a total of 6.47$ so I’m pretty thrilled about that!

:::::: I USED ::::::
Water color paper
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Hot glue gun
Card Board

I had everything already for this project except for the metallic acrylic paint which was 1$, and the water color paper which was 5.47$!

:::::: MAKE IT ::::::

I started out with painting! The watercolor paper came with 15 sheets and I used them all!
I did 2 orange papers, 2 green, 2 blue, and the rest multi colored.
I used my acrylic paint just as you would a water-color, I have no complaints with it.

Watercolor mermaid 3 Watercolor mermaid 2

I then painted my papers and let them dry, which didn’t take long.
While it was waiting for it to dry, I began to paint my gold picture frame white,
Watercolor Mermaid 6 Watercolor mermaid 8

I turned my paper over and traced my circles, they have circle cutters (Which after this project I would recommend!) It was 9$ but I decided to just cut them myself. So to get a perfect circle I used the lid on my garlic salt, not sure what brand it is at the top of my head, but I know its 2.5 inches and green!

Watercolor mermaid 4

All the cutting out was a pain, but well worth it!
After I was done cutting out the circles, I took a paint brush and lightly painted each circle with its own unique metallic paint design, so that it shined slightly!

Watercolor Mermaid  12
This is the box I cut to fit my frame, and I painted it white so it wasn’t that plain ugly card board brown.
This is where I began to hot glue my circles on, I placed them how my eyes saw fit!
(Tip- only glue the very top of the circle so you can roll up the bottoms for definition if you choose to do so!)

Watercolor Mermaid 13
This was a little less than half way through! I was in love at this point!

Watercolor Mermaid  14
Here’s what my little beauty looked like without the frame, which I though it was okay but I was excited to see the frame on! I hot glued around the inside of the frame for a secure stick! I didn’t have a back for that frame seeing I bought it for a ages ago at a thrift store!

Watercolor Mermaid  11
Here she is! All framed and beautiful! After it was all framed, I decided to roll up the scales a bit so it gave them more definition! See how they pop out a bit? I liked that!

Watercolor Mermaid  10
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’m pretty thrilled about it! Have a great one!

Chocolate Chip “Cookie Dough” Greek Yogurt

Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Recipe- Domestic Supermom

Chocolate Chip “Cookie Dough” Greek Yogurt

I basically LOVE this snack, it’s cheap, and easy!
If you have a sweet tooth this will kick your cravings to the curb without making you feel guilty about it later!

:::::: I USED ::::::

1 Greek Yogurt
1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract
1-2 Tbsp Sugar or Sweetener
1-2 Tbsp Peanut Butter
1-2 Tbsp Chocolate Chips

Mix it all together and enjoy!

I say 1-2 on the ingredients because it just depending on how sweet you like it!
I put 1 in at first and added the extra by taste! I found 2 to be perfect for me!
Hope y’all like this sweet treat!

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